Welcome to Season to Taste  where food is a celebration!

Food and the enjoyment of its flavors are very personal, but the quest for the best food is a passion shared by many. For those of us who savor the entire food experience, we believe good food is thoughtfully grown, carefully handled, simply prepared, and lovingly presented. 

Season to Taste  seeks to share ideas on growing, searching out, preparing and sharing the best of food – especially at its peak of freshness and availability.  The fewer the stops between earth and table, the better.  The foundation of good nutrition and every meal should be the highest quality and freshest ingredients. 

Of course, we also recognize the importance of ritual and tradition when it comes to food, so we are not food snobs! Some of life’s best moments and memories are made with soda and a tub of popcorn, macaroni and cheese from a box, soup from a can, or ice cream served through a walk-up window.  Every now and then you have to embrace the moment!

Take a look around our site for ideas about recipes, menus, entertaining, and finding the best food around.  Most of the time you will find information available by season, but every now and then you may find a little something unusual. Food is life – choose what you want, share it with someone, and remember –
Season to Taste!

- Cora

Cora here, and as I say above,

Welcome to Season to Taste!

The articles at this site have not been updated since I began blogging a few years ago at CoraCooks.com, BUT ... the recipes posted here are still some of my very favorites AND ... the archived articles are just that ... archived for your reading and cooking pleasure. 

So enjoy your visit to Season to Taste ... and then come on over to CoraCooks.com and see what's new!

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